Refit Management

The refitting of a yacht requires mainly the drafting of a detailed specification which will suit yacht owners’ requirements, as well as it will ensure that all structural and fitting out details are foreseen in order to avoid extra charge at the yacht completion.

We have noticed that many yacht owners are not satisfied with refit work that has been carried out to their vessels.

Often the problem is quite simply poor communication between the various parties and a lack of supervision.

We offer a refit supervision service to ensure that work is carried out to the highest standards and vessels are delivered on time and on budget.

The supervision and management of repairs and refits includes guarantee work on new vessels, damage repairs and general refitting.

Yacht Survey Turkey offers you a wide range of following services:

  • Drawing up specifications for repairs and refitting
  • Organising a skilled workforce
  • Selecting a shipyard with the facilities best suited to your repair or refit
  • Management of the budget
  • Supplying eqipments and accessories in correct price and at time.
  • Supervision of the work as it progresses
  • Signing off the work with a written report

All the contractors that we recommend have been carefully selected for their professional attitude and their ability to deliver high quality workmanship on time and on budget.