Full Condition (Pre-Purchase) Surveys

Condition/Pre-Purchase survey is the most comprehensive inspection of a yacht. The purpose of the survey is to gather as much information about the condition of the yacht. This survey provides a detailed technical inspection of the boat, which is carried out when the boat is both laid up in dry dock and afloat.

We will carry out a detailed inspection of the boat, consider our findings and present you with a survey report which explains the condition of the vessel and highlighting any faults.

The written report will list the defects found in the survey along with general recommendations for repair. The report may be used to negotiate the final purchase arrangements.

Remember that before you pay any more than a deposit on a boat you have the right to learn from a qualified expert what its condition may be. Before deciding to buy a used boat, information about her condition, such as structural integrity, safety, machinery and equipment, maintenance issues, as well as cosmetic appearance is essential. Therefore survey report assists in the decision making and negotiating for the final contract details leading to the buying of a yacht.

Note that the proper preparation of a boat before the survey greatly enhances the quality of the survey. Guidance on preparation will be given to our clients.

Note: Written reports are normally dispatched within 7 days.